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KI Systems Numbering Tool simplifies the process of configuring and applying numbering schemes in any Microsoft Word document.  Our Numbering Tool takes advantage of unique Office application features, such as the "Style Separator", making numbering of business, litigation, and transactional documents easy.  Numbering Tool also includes a series of pre-defined Public numbering schemes that can be used "out-of-the-box", or customized to meet the unique needs of your Firm, or Department.  Users also have the ability to create, maintain, and share their own Private Schemes. 

Numbering Tool makes it easy to apply, modify, and customize document settings.  With a few clicks, you can change font and paragraph formatting, text  and numbering settings, paragraph indentures, and much more. Numbering Tool also includes features that easily generate a Table of Contents without the need to manually mark text.

Numbering Tool is available in either the Standard or an Enterprise Version based on the needs of the your firm.

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Numbering Tool Features:

Numbering Tool via the Ribbon

Public Schemes

Private Schemes

Copy and Share Schemes

Quick Formatting

Table of Contents

Sharing Document with Outside Users

Enterprise Version - Administration


$45 per seat  - Standard Desktop version; Enterprise Version pricing available on request.


Numbering Tool is available for both 32 and 64 bit versions of Office.


What's Included:

Standard Version

Enterprise Version

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