Pleading Pak


Designed specifically for legal environments, each State Pleading Pak contains a variety of jurisdiction-specific state and federal templates. Each template includes styles, formats and document layouts that conform to the appropriate state and federal court rules.

Pleading templates may contain line numbering and are customized to include your firm's logo and address, eliminating the need to purchase expensive pre-printed pleading paper.

Pleading Pak templates include advanced features such as:

  • Four levels of Third Party or Cross Complainant Captions

  • Ability to create and save case captions as Caption Bank Documents. This option facilitates the rapid creation of subsequent documents in a given case.

  • Caption Finish macro for Caption Bank Documents

  • Carry Over of pertinent case data such as "Attorney For" and "Client Name"

  • Automated signature blocks for Standard Signatures, Orders and Brief Signature Blocks. 

  • Access to Attorney Name and Bar Number information stored in the User Table of the Enterprise Address Book database.  This provides easy access and automatic retrieval of firm wide user information and preferences from a centralized database.

  • Double Indent Macro

  • Discovery Numbering Macro

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