Numbering Tool


Quick Formatting

The Numbering Tool provides access to a variety of quick editing features and macros.  This allows the user to modify Document Schemes to meet their unique requirements and varied multi-level outline numbering needs.  
  • From the Ribbon, the Actions group provides: rapid application of Heading Styles 1-9, Promote and Demote, Stop, Restart, and Continue Numbering and access to the "Style Separator"

  • From the Ribbon, the Quick Formatting group provides: rapid application of Font, Paragraph and Numbering options

  • From the Ribbon the TOC Options group provides:  easy creation of Table of Contents, updates and navigation

  • Define Font Settings - allows easy configuration of font settings for Heading Styles.

Font Options:

Paragraph Options:

Numbering Options:

  • Modify Numbering Scheme - allows easy configuration of Number Style, prefix and suffix text, number alignment, tab positions, number start value, and Legal Style Number.  


  • Numbering Tool allows you to select the Heading Style(s) you wish to apply the changes to in one step.  You can select All Headings, a single Heading, or multiple Heading Styles.  The formatting you choose will be applied to the items selected in one step.  This reduces the time and effort required to modify Heading Style Settings.