Numbering Tool


Sharing Files with Outside Users

Numbering Tool is specifically designed to use Word's native Word features.  Numbering Tool automatically updates a document's Heading Styles 1 - 9 with the attributes selected by the user.  Because native Word features are utilized, anyone can continue editing documents with or without the Numbering Tool software.

User's can create Private Schemes from any Word document - such as a document from a client.  The Numbering Tool can then be used to easily modify and update numbering settings.  The document can be returned to your client with the native Word settings applied by the Numbering Tool.  Your client can continue to edit the document using standard Word numbering processes.

Unlike other numbering add-on packages, KI Systems Numbering Tool does not create Metadata in your documents.  It also does not create additional unwanted document styles.  Our tool simply provides a quick and easy method for users to capture, apply, create, modify, and customize numbering in their documents.