Numbering Tool


Public Schemes

KI Systems - Numbering Tool Standard and Enterprise Version includes ten pre-defined Public Schemes that are immediately available for users.  These Public Schemes can be used "out-of-the-box" or may be customized to meet the specific needs of your firm and/or departments.  

The Enterprise Version of the Numbering Tool allows the Systems Administrator to add, modify, and maintain the firm's default schemes.  Individual users are able to use, but not modify, the firm's Public Schemes.  Public Schemes are generally considered the default for the organization and remain constant and available to all users. 

Users can apply a Public Scheme to any Word document.  Users can also Copy a Public Scheme to their Private Scheme area.  This allows the user to access the Public Scheme attributes and use it as a blueprint for creating additional Private and/or document schemes.

The Apply Numbering Scheme Dialog displays a list of available Public and Private schemes.  Selecting a particular scheme will further display a description of the attributes of the scheme.


What's Included:
Standard Version
Enterprise Version