Enterprise Address Book


In most organizations, contact information is scattered throughout the firm - often in the minds of individuals, within mobile devices or within personal contact managers.  How do you reconcile all those disparate locations of data to ensure your firm is:

  • Reducing Data Entry Time

  • Reducing Maintenance Costs

  • Enabling Users of all levels to have immediate access to Contact information with a single click

  • Assisting your Marketing Department to leverage up-to-date Contact information

The answer is simple - KI System's Enterprise Address Book.

Simple and Powerful

Enterprise Address Book is a multi-user shareable contact database that contains all pertinent customer and contact information such as:  
  • Address Information

  • Unlimited Phones

  • Unlimited E-mail addresses

  • Bar Number information

  • Marketing Information

  • Case Relationship Information

It's ease of use makes Enterprise Address Book popular with all members of your organization. Unlike other contact relationship management products that require task switching out of your Word Processing program, the Enterprise Address Book allows easy access to contact information directly from within any Microsoft Office application. 

Powerful search routines allow you to locate contact information by:

  • Full or Partial name

  • Title

  • Company

  • Assigned Mailing Codes

  • Client Matter or File Number Information

  • Record Owner

The Enterprise Address Book is fully integrated into all components of KI Systems' products. Group assignments (such as Mailing Codes, Client Matter and File Number or Record Owner) are easily managed within the database.  Group assignments can be used with the built-in Address Book Reports or the Mail Merge templates included in the Business Pak.

Standard Version

The Address Book Standard Version is based on Microsoft SQL Express and is suitable for small firms of less than 40 users to sole practitioners. 

Enterprise Version

The Enterprise Address Book version is offered for medium to large organizations that require reliability, scalability, security and support for 40 or more users. The Enterprise Address Book is based on Microsoft SQL Server.

What's Included:

Contact Management

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Productivity at it's Best! The most comprehensive Macro Package available...  Demo includes: Trial Versions of the following products:

  • Business Pak
  • Enterprise Address Book
  • Pleading Pak

Product pricing is based on components selected.  Please contact KI Systems for a price estimate tailored to your firm.