Implementation Timeframe


KI Systems works with you to ensure a successful implementation of our products at your firm.  Depending on your needs we work with you to set and meet all project milestones.  

"Our success is measured by your accomplishments."

The Process:

Step 1 - We have designed a series of Workbooks for the Business Pak and Pleading Pak products.  These workbooks provide you a format to submit your firm's preferences, "look and feel" standards, logos, printer settings and preference document layouts.  The Workbooks provide the information needed to tailor our products to meet the needs of your firm.  They serve as a guide for our developers and a checklist for final software delivery evaluation.

On average the Workbooks can be completed in 1 week.

Step 2 - Upon receipt of the completed Workbooks, KI Systems will review the Workbooks and provide you with our License and Consulting Services Agreement.  This Agreement details, among other things, the Product Cost, Desktop License Cost and an hourly rate quote for any additional development work that may have been requested with the Workbooks.  

On average we review the Workbooks and send the License and Consulting Agreement to you within 1 week.

Please Note:  Included in the purchase price of the Business Pak and Pleading Pak(s) are the customization services to tailor the software package to meet your business requirements. Unlike other software vendors who assess an additional charge to customize their product for you, KI Systems provides this service for free.  Our product customization service includes:

  • Modification of the template layouts to meet your specifications
  • Inclusion of your firm's Letterhead Logo and/or address/phone information
  • Configuration of template to meet your font and document layout preferences
  • Modification of the included Microsoft Styles based on your preferences
  • Modification of the page setup and printer specifications based on your preferences
Step 3 - Upon receipt of the executed Agreement we will begin your product development, customization, creation of custom setup programs and perform system testing.  
On average Development takes 2 to 3 weeks.
Step 4 - KI Systems provides a setup program for both the database back-end and client workstations.  
One day.
Installation instructions and telephone technical support is available for small firms who elect the Standard version of our Enterprise Address Book based on Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE).

For firms purchasing the Enterprise version of our Enterprise Address Book based on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or 2000, we provide a one-day on-site Support Engineer to: 
  • Install the database back-end on your SQL Server

  • Provide a data-port of firm contact data, if included as a part of the License and Consulting Services Agreement
  • Provide Systems Administrator training on requirements and maintenance of the database
  • Provide Systems Administrator training on workstation implementation requirements and guidelines
Please Note:  We commonly assist the Systems Administrator to install one or two test workstations for instruction purposes and to validate system functionality.  We do not contract directly with you to implement your office desktops.  We can provide you with a referral to an organization familiar with our software requirements and who provides desktop implementation assistance upon your request.

Step 5 - System testing, validation and workstation roll-out.

On average System testing and validation can be completed within 1 week.  

If you find that corrections, modifications or changes need to be made to the Business Pak or Pleading Pak templates we make our best efforts to provide you with a revised Client Setup program immediately or within 1 week of receiving your change requests.  Once testing and the software validation has been completed, desktop roll-out and end-user training may begin.  

Please Note:  KI Systems commonly does not contract with you to provide end-user training.  Upon request, we can provide you with a referral to a training organization familiar with:

  • Our software product features and functionality
  • Microsoft Office
  • Document Management Systems
  • Training Specialist familiar with the unique needs of Law Firms

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